What is Emo?

Warning: Please note that throughout the site, I have added images that have been created by emo kids. Please be warned that some may find these images disturbing. There are many images that were not added because I believed them to be too disturbing. Unfortunately, these images directly represent what emos are posting on line.

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What is Emo

What is "emo"

Emo is a fashion, a form of music, fashion sense, a subculture and a lifestyle. The name comes from the music genre called hard emotionally. The term emo is usually an abbreviation of the emos, said: "emotional". The people in this lifestyle are usually in their early teens through the twenties. The easily identified in their fashionable clothing made ​​from blacks, blacks straight hair, usually with a black eye framed glasses, tight, mostly dark-colored clothes, make-up is common, but not required, in both sexes and gender roles seem a bit 'blurred, and made ​​very androgynous. Emo music often speaks of emotional pain, self-harm, suicide, despair and death. Of course there are differences, as there are in every way, but key issues remain.

Emo was born in 1980 as a form of punk music with lyrics more introspective. Over time, the music altered in a style and a subculture. Many fans of emo are upset original rather with what happens to their kind. Many suspect that the original emo "dead". And 'the incarnation of emo that addresses on this page

Why should I care about this "emo thing?"

The emo fad seems to be a bit different in several very important ways.

  • The emo subculture, the glorification of self-harm seems to cause an epidemic of self-mutilation. The intentional self-harm is cutting, burning or damage any other way, without the intent to suicide. Self-injury is usually done under the guise of sharing feelings, or feel anything. I have a page to describe self-injury behavior to continue, this problem is and how it relates to the emo subculture.

  • Another concern is the increasing rate of teen suicide was announced recently by the Centers for Disease Control. More information about this section of the suicide problem.

  • Please take time to explore the subculture of the EMO. As mentioned earlier, my point is that fashion is different from other EMO, which has, like the children in this subculture are the scars themselves, and in some cases, death.

  • Look at the section, what can I do? You'll find tips that concerned parents, teachers, doctors, therapists and school administrators to help your child avoid or overcome the seemingly destructive influences of this subculture.

  • Ask tragic examples. List the names and stories of children who have been involved in the "emo", and committed suicide.

  • For those who doubt or deny "the glorification of self-harm and suicide:" Look at the line of examples of this announcement.

  • Someone sent me a message of being a parent in the other forum site. Look at the Life Story page real estate on it.

  • Denial addresses questions on the original site.

  • There are tons of forum site for emo. If you want to use it, you must register. Finally, someone might send. It leads to death threats and people spam so that no one agrees that the parent can talk about anything without being harassed or threatened. Registration will be a lot of weed that out. Recordings and share experiences. Communication with parents, teachers and other professionals enable us to confront this danger in a constructive way!

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