What can we do?

we can stop someone turning into emo.

  • Figure out why they want to be emo. Expressing themselves in a new way? Attention? Just to fit in? Or are they just wearing what they want to wear? Find this out first before you assume stupid things and hurt their feelings.
  • Understand that there are many different definitions of emo, but if your friend wants to start cutting themselves, stop them! Once you cut the first cut, it's very hard to get out of this addiction. Tell them how much you care about them, and do anything to change his or her mind.
  • Realize that if your friend starts listening to music that's classified as emo, there probably isn't anything to do anything about it. You can't change someone's taste in music. Be happy that they found music that they love.
  • Remember, there aren't many things you can do, but just tell them to be themselves. If your friend starts cutting, tell them to stop. Say how much you care about them. You can't talk them out of wearing what they want to wear, but you can stop them from cutting. It takes a lot of hard work though.
  • Talk to them about how they are very emotional lately. Ask them why they are are this way.
  • If they tell you why try to fix that problem by, letting them know you're on their side if something is happening to their family, if you did something wrong make sure that you fix that problem about yourself, or if she/he is in a just in a bad mood do the things that would make that person happy.
  • If they don't tell you explain to them that you can make them feel better if they tell you the problem.
  • If they still refuse then tell them that other people in the world are in terrible condition and they still are grateful that they are alive. And someone housed like that person should at least be happy that they are a live as well.
  • If none of these things work make sure that person gets to a doctor because your friend could be in serious trouble.

There are many different definitions of emo. Your friend may just like the style of clothing and such, not because they're depressed. Don't make assumptions when you see him or her wear black or notice a change in the angle at which his/her bangs hang across his/her forehead. Just because your friend has an emo hairstyle, it doesn't mean he or she is suicidal. Keep that in mind before jumping to conclusions.
Stop someone turning into emo